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Get a solar system by NuHome. Simply select Residential for your home solution, Estate or Complex if you are a body corporate and the Business option if you'd like a solution for your Business premises.

We offer Power Purchase Agreements, Rent to Own or Outright Purchase options.

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At NuHome, we have been at the forefront of energy innovation in the solar industry for the last 9 years. With our strong background and deep experience in the energy storage sector, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in energy. Having successfully delivered in excess of 45MW or the equivalent of 5,625 homes in renewable energy solutions to consumers across Africa, our track record and history speak for itself. Now, we bring our wealth of knowledge and proven capabilities to you, ensuring that your solar journey with NuHome is nothing short of exceptional.  

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We make going solar easy, so you’ll get a better energy service at a better price.


We empower homeowners to embrace energy independence with our tailored residential solar solutions. From rooftop solar panel installations to integrated energy management systems, we offer comprehensive packages designed to meet the unique needs of every household. Experience the freedom of generating your own clean energy and enjoy long-term savings while reducing your carbon footprint. Join the solar revolution with NuHome and take control of your energy future.

Estates & Complexes

Elevate your estate or complex to new heights of sustainability with NuHome's innovative solar solutions. Our customisable offerings are designed to address the energy needs of shared living spaces, ensuring efficient energy generation and management for residents and property managers alike. With our expertise in large-scale solar installations, we can transform your estate or complex into a beacon of environmental responsibility while delivering substantial cost savings and enhancing overall property value.


Unlock the potential of solar energy and drive sustainable growth. Our commercial solar solutions are tailored to meet the unique energy demands of businesses, offering a range of scalable options from rooftop installations to ground-mounted systems. By harnessing the power of the sun, businesses can reduce operating costs, enhance corporate social responsibility, and future-proof their operations against rising energy prices. Partner with NuHome and embark on a journey towards energy independence and business resilience.

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Premium Products

Our solar systems are built with premium components, ensuring long-lasting performance and maximum energy efficiency. With NuHome, you can trust that you are obtaining top-tier technology that will power your home efficiently for years to come. We believe in delivering nothing but the best. Founded in 1975, Victron Energy is at the heart of our solution knowing they have support across the country.

Mobile Platform

At NuHome, we believe in making solar energy accessible and convenient for everyone. Our bespoke mobile platform allows you to monitor your solar system’s performance, track your energy production, and even control your energy usage from the palm of your hand.

Stay connected and in control, no matter where you are.

Future Utility

With NuHome, you are not just obtaining a solar system but joining an energy independent community. You are embracing the future of energy, now. Our forward- thinking approach integrates cutting-edge technologies that not only generate clean and sustainable electricity but also pave the way for a more resilient and eco- friendly future. By choosing NuHome, you are contributing to a greener planet for generations to come.